Sales: CHENGDI as a professional mechanical equipment sales, after-sales service companies, has been "faith-based, customer first" business philosophy, commitment to meet the diverse needs of customers and other in-depth cooperation. I Acting Company's domestic and foreign products ranging from high-precision machining center to the machine tool; gear from the processing equipment to the deep-processing equipment; from the general to the specific machine tool equipment, covering the entire field of machining.

We have a rich and stable customer base, determined in the region, as well as neighboring Zhejiang provinces and cities. The main projects involving machinery, refrigeration equipment, motor manufacturing, IT manufacturing, communication equipment, precision machinery, aviation, motor vehicles and parts and components manufacturing business.  
Maintenance:Our sales are subject to higher education, and the machine tool industry has many years of sales experience, and the main product training, and with the maintenance department to provide customers with good services, as well as the technology sector to solve customer problems in order to give customers Comprehensive.Since 2006 more maintenance is to be strengthened, and has hired more than 20 years experience in maintenance, a senior engineer to join. Is the maintenance contract business customers a variety of difficult issues to resolve (plus maintenance legislation, lying increases, the S & P to machine tools, CNC machine tools such as machine tools, and enables ordinary Tool to CNC machine tools, special-purpose machine tool of transformation, Air-assembly machine, etc.).

We provide to clients is not only a good product, but also excellent technology and services, and customers as well as the growth and development. We would like to sincerely cooperate with people from all walks of life!

Processing: Zhenhai and company co-founded the processing sector, to undertake a variety of external processing business.

Look forward to welcoming all walks of life, the consultation calls, and here's criticism of the guide!
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